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Pro-Tech Malibu with mother of pearl button and CPM-20CV blade. Great condition and perfect action however the coated blade shows signs of wear including a large scratch as visible in the photos. Comes with challenge coins and stickers.

Matthew Martin 500 Series Titanium Screw Cap Pen. This pen features MCM Deluxe Finish, faceted tip and a striker. Great condition.

WE Knife S02B Tri Lobe fidget spinner. Great condition in original packaging.

Mechforce Mechtorch EDC Flashlight. This is the titanium turbo edition with 4 brightness moods and green glow gasket. Excellent condition in original packaging.

Chris Reeve Knives Large Sebenza 21 Insingo with black carbon fiber scale and mokuti billet clip. This knife is well broken in with a smooth action. Condition is also well carried with plenty of scuffs and scratches however the blade is in great shape with one small chip in the edge. Comes in original packaging with cloth and lubricant.

Full size KeyBar in titanium with custom dimple and ano job. Good condition with scuffs from carry.

Full size KeyBar in black coated aluminum. User condition with plenty of scuffs from carry.

Lautie & Mackie LTSJ-2 fidget spinner in black coated stainless steel. Excellent condition with an excellent spin.

Kasfly Crusader hand spinner model III-2 in TC4 titanium. Comes in a machined aluminum case that is just as cool as the spinner. The whole package is in excellent condition, never carried.

JHO NUG, standard size, titanium scales. Great condition with minor blemishes. $185 originally

Boker Subcom with titanium scales and custom Compass laser work by myself. Fair condition with scuffs. $55 originally

Benchmade AFO with black coated aluminum handles. User condition with plenty of scuffs however the blade launches great and it's razor sharp. $230 originally

Ontario RAT Model 2. Great condition with some signs of wear. $35 originally

Ontario RAT Model 1. Great condition with some signs of wear. $40 originally

Custom Paramilitary 2 scales in aluminum by Ripp's Garage Tech. Great condition with some signs of wear. $50-60 originally

Arcform Slimfoot Frame Lock with brown micarta and titanium scales. Excellent condition in original packaging very minor scuffs. $350 originally

Benchmade Infidel in black coated aluminum. Mint condition in original packaging, never carried. $550 originally

Burnley Contra Cypop in carbon fiber and titanium. Excellent condition. $125 originally

Streamlight Polytac. I have two of these, one with a clip and one without. Both are in great, working condition. $50 originally

Emerson Roadhouse in black G10. Good condition with signs of carry. $265 originally 

Benchmade Griptilian, full size with orange FRN scales Bohler N680 blade. Great condition, needs a sharpening. $120 originally

Benchmade Mini Griptilian with black FRN scales and 154CM steel. Good condition with signs of carry on the clip and it needs a sharpening. $150 originally

Benchmade Osborne in black G10. Good condition with signs of carry. $230 originally

ZF Pray Bars (1-11) Titanium 2nds. All work well. All freshly finished.