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Micro .44 Magnum Pew Pew Pills (No HiTex Chip included)


(No HiTex Chip included) 

I was fortunate enough to blast Michael Miller in the face while partaking in his nerf nanigans at Blade. This earned me a Revolver chip. My 1st chip at that :)

Returning from Blade, I wanted to add some more flair. I planned to simply trim and press in some 22LR rounds. After trying to turn down a few and failing (Thin walled), I decided to make my own.

 I present micro .44 Magnum brass pew pew pills by ZeroFeud. Made from 360 brass, these solid rounds fit nicely into the holes in the Revolver chip. Each is laser engraved with a ZeroFeud and 44 Mag Headstamp.

 Shortly after making them, @Jamie Williams and I discovered just how fun it was to time one another on how fast we could load each round in to the cylinder.

 In keeping with Miller’s nanigans I challenge each chip owner to a timed speed load. We’ll keep track of the record holders. Blindfolded, gloved, behind your back, etc. This could get fun :)

Please note these are a slip fit and will not stay in your chip unless glued in place (Hence the game). We decided a slip fit would be better than a press fit as one could easily damage their chip beyond repair of not installed properly. A dab of superglue will secure them well and superglue remover should remove them (Please proceed with caution) 

 (No HiTex Chip included)