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BrickMan Bead Hats


PLEASE NOTE These currently ONLY fit SMALL Brickman (Original size)

Other sizes coming at a later date

You are purchasing a HAT ONLY for the Small Brickman beads

Designed and machined in beautiful Moorseville, NC

Size .5in (Top section) x .75 (brim) x .39in (long)

Bore: .312in - Fits over the top of all SMALL Brickman beads and allows paracord to pass through the hat. 

Material 6061 Aluminium, 303 Stainless Steel, 360 Brass

Finish: Aluminium: Cerakote applied by certified applicators.

             Stainless: Machine

             Brass: Machine

Shipping 3-5days

Price listed for 1 single HAT (NO BRICKMAN BEADS).