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2022 Winter BrickMan Beads


PLEASE NOTE: ALL HATS are SOLD under another listing 

 Designed, machined, and engraved in beautiful Moorseville, NC


All art from these were done buy the very talented, David of Nopal Art


Small is the original size.

Medium is my new fav size for knife lanyards. 

Large (AKA Jombo) - Is perfect for larger knives, bag zipper pulls, or even begleri beads


Small - .5in x .5in 

Medium.625in x .625in 

Large - .75in x .75in 

Bore: .25in (1/4in) - easily fits 2 pcs of mil-spec 550 cord

Material 360 Brass and 303 Stainless Steel

Shipping 3-5days

Price listed for 1 single bead.