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2 for $22 POUCHES! (2nds)

2 for $22 POUCHES! (2nds)


This bundle gets you two pouches, a C.U.P. and a Pocket Pouch, both in size A. The colors of each will be mixed and a mystery until you receive them!

All pouches on this sale are blemished but FULLY FUNCTIONALLY! The cosmetic imperfections range from uneven stitching to a simple slight discoloration in the fabric. The blemishes you'll find are minor enough that we're still proud to get these pouches into your hands and see them utilized as EDC packs, wallets, med kits and all the other creative ideas you have!

C.U.P. - A - 3”x4.5”
Pocket Pouch - A - 3”x4.5”

2nds carry no warranty and are sold AS-IS.