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This is a REAL Gag Product :) 

 Introducing the ZF BYORE - Micro Dry Erase Whiteboard Patch

Build Your Own Ranger Eye Patch

A blank canvas for you to create your own custom Ranger Eye!

Perfect for any occasion!

-Use it to draw your own beautiful art and show off in your pocket dump photos!

- Use it as a portable billboard to tell strangers about your interests!

- You can even use it to express your emotions to your spouse! No more walking on eggshells wondering each other's current mood!

Grab one now and get a free Expo dry erase marker so you can start doodling RIGHT NOW! 

Please only purchase if you want to be apart of ZF History! 

Designed and made in Moorseville, NC

Size - large: 1in x 1in

Shipping 3-5 business days

Price is for 2 Blank BYORE and 1 Expo dry erase marker.


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